5 Minute Action for Saturday, 4/15: Join Tax Protests

Turns out, people still care about President Trump’s tax returns.

On Saturday, protesters across the U.S. plan to demand that Trump make his most recent tax returns public. It’s something every president and presidential nominee has done for the past 40 years.

Trump has said that Americans “don’t care at all” about his tax returns, but polls show 74% of Americans say he should release them. Many lawmakers, including some Republicans, have also called on him to make them public. A petition demanding that Trump release his returns has garnered more than 1 million signatures. And, tax protests are planned across the US tomorrow.

TODAY’s 5 Minute Action:

Step 1: Sign the petition that has now received over 1 million signatures, to demand Trump release his tax returns:  click here – petition

Step 2: March in a tax rally in your city (OK, over 5 minutes); Google to find it.

Step 3: If you can’t march, then post your support on facebook:  click here – https://www.facebook.com/trumptaxesmarch/


Thank you from the TrumpResistance.TODAY team


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