5 Minute Action for Sunday, 4/2: “This Morning” from Mary Oliver

Sunday actions on TrumpResistance.TODAY are focused on religious freedom and/or spiritual enrichment.

With so many horrible things happening all around us – from civilian casualties in Syria to the assault on the environment and everything in between, it is difficult sometimes to see the wonder in the world around us.

We offer this beautiful Mary Oliver poem in the hope of rekindling your sense of wonder about this miraculous world.

TODAY’s 5 Minute Action:

Step 1:  Please enjoy this Mary Oliver poem named “This Morning” – from her Felicity collection:

This Morning

This morning the redbirds’ eggs

have hatched and already the chicks

are chirping for food. They don’t

know where it’s coming from, they

just keep shouting, “More! More!”

As to anything else, they haven’t

had a single thought. Their eyes

haven’t yet opened, they know nothing

about the sky that’s waiting. Or

the thousands, the millions of trees.

They don’t even know they have wings.


And just like that, like a simple

neighborhood event, a miracle

is taking place.

Step 2:  Make a mental commitment to pay more attention to the miracles happening around you – today and every day.


Thank you from the TrumpResistance.TODAY team

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