5 Minute Action for Thursday, 3/30: LGBT Elders Need Your Help

The Trump administration has deleted questions on sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) from the national surveys of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Voluntary data collection on LGBT elders is essential for identifying unmet needs and ensuring federal allocation of resources.
Advocates fought hard to make visible the lives, concerns and needs of LGBT elders. The health and well-being of the most vulnerable LGBT elders hangs in the balance. Do no let LGBT elders be erased and forgotten.
We only have to May 12, 2017 to submit requests to HHS to restore LGBT questions to the department’s national survey.
TODAY’s 5 Minute Action:
Step 1:  Please submit your comment to HHS about the importance of retaining SOGI survey questions! 
  • Submit written or electronic comments to Heather Menne:
    • Email: heather.menne@acl.hhs.gov
    • Snail mail:  Heather Menne, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services:  Administration for Community Living, Washington, DC  20201
  • Script:  “Please restore SOGI questions to the National Survey of Older Americans Act Participants and the Annual Program Performance Report for the Centers for Independent Living. Do not let LGBT elders be erased and forgotten!”


Thank you from the TrumpResistance.TODAY team

For more information about this change, click here – http://fenwayfocus.org/2017/03/lgbt-seniors-those-living-with-disabilities-if-you-dont-count-us-we-dont-count/

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