5 Minute Action for Wednesday, 3/15: Take A Moment to Support Children w/Disabilities

We share this 5-Minute Action from a friend whose disabled grandson is being severely affected by legislation happening below the radar. As she says:  “THIS IS HAPPENING WHILE WE SLEEP!”  Here is the post and 5 Minute Action.

Sad day for public education in the United States, for all students and especially those with disabilities.

GOP members of the U.S. House of Representatives introduced Bill 610 on Jan 23rd. The bill will eliminate the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESSA) of 1965 which is the nation’s educational law and provides equal opportunity in education. ESSA is a comprehensive program that covers programs for struggling learners, AP classes, ESL classes, classes for minorities such as Native Americans, Rural Education, Education for the Homeless, School Safety (Gun-Free schools), Monitoring and Compliance and Federal Accountability Programs.

Bill 610 also abolishes the Nutritional Act of 2012 (No Hungry Kids Act) which provides nutritional standards in school breakfast and lunch. For our most vulnerable, this may be the ONLY nutritious food they have in a day.

The 5 Minute Action for TODAY:

Step 1:  Please call and ask your HOUSE representative and ask him/her to vote NO on House Bill 610 (HR 610). If you need your House rep’s phone number, click here – http://www.house.gov/htbin/findrep

Script:  “I’m call to urge you to vote “NO” on House Bill 610 that will gravely limit or completely eliminate the resources and supports young and deserving children need, such as those with rare diseases like myotonic dystrophy. We all deserve a chance in the world.”


Thank you from the TrumpResistance.TODAY team

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