5 Minute Action for Sunday, 3/12: Open Heart – No One is Irredeemable, Not Even 45

Sunday actions on TrumpResistance.TODAY are focused on religious freedom and/or spiritual enrichment. Thank you to Christie Hardwick, Spirited Contributions, for this post.

When I read the book “Across That Bridge” by civil rights icon John Lewis, I was struck by his commitment to forgive and love even those who beat him down with racist epithets, fists and boots. So today, I decided to try to find things to love in Donald Trump. The idea that he must have within him some sanity, some heart.

There is a martial art called Aikido where instead of resisting your opponent you go in their direction. I was able to write the letter. I invite you to write a letter to anyone in your life that you want to forgive and find the light within them. If we can open our hearts to the expanded possibility of another person, their heart may open too. There is always the possibility of transformation, no one is irredeemable. Not even 45.

Step 1:  Write ‘The Letter’. To the person you need to write it to. It will be so hard. But take 5 minutes and write.


Thank you from the TrumpResistance.TODAY team

For more from Christie Hardwick, click here – http://spiritedcontribution.com/

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