5 Minute Action for Monday, 2/27: Resist Deportations – Call Your Sheriff

We ask you to take one of the recommended actions from wall-of-us to start the week. Abbreviated from their post: Local law enforcement has no legal obligation to assist with civil immigration enforcement, which is the responsibility of the federal government…so sheriffs are key to fighting mass deportations. And sheriffs (with few exceptions) are elected officials. That means that the same strategies of direct engagement that we have been honing on our Members of Congress will work with them too.

Step 1: Find your sheriff’s contact information online using this tool:  click here – this tool. You sheriff’s contact info will be the first one listed (‘SO’). If you don’t know your county, find it here.

Step 2: Call your sheriff’s office and use the script below. It’s long, but good – paraphrasing is ok!

Step 3: If you have time, and if your sheriff is cooperating with Trump and thereby putting his agenda above the safety of the community, post this on social media:

“Sheriff _____ @[add their handle], deportation is Trump’s priority, not our community’s. Focus on safety and prevention, not deportation. #WallofUs”


Hello, I am calling to see what Sheriff [______]’s position is on supporting the Trump Administration’s policies targeting lawful undocumented immigrants. Who can I speak to in your office to ensure Sheriff [_______] receives my message?

[make sure you get to the right person]

Is Sheriff [____________] voluntarily making the decision to enforce Trumps new policy of targeting lawful undocumented immigrants? I wanted to make sure that the sheriff is aware that local law enforcement is not legally required to assist the federal government in enforcing  federal law. In fact, the principle of Separation of Powers in the US Constitution makes it clear that the sheriff can decide whether or not to enforce federal law and policy. What is the Sheriff’s position on this?

If planning to cooperate with enforcement of Trump’s new policy say this:

  • I oppose my local taxes being used to enforce federal immigration law. The enforcement of immigration law should be left to the federal government and not transferred to local law enforcement. The costs are a drain on local resources and divert funding from more effective safety and crime prevention methods. By eroding trust and cooperation between local law enforcement and immigrant communities, public safety is also undermined.

If planning not to enforce Trumps new policy say this:

  • Thank you, for making the decision to not enforce Trump’s policies. Many members of our community support your decision.


Thank you from the TrumpResistance.TODAY team

For the complete post by Wall-of-us, click here – https://www.wall-of-us.org/weekly-acts-of-resistance/2017/2/24/action-2-call-the-sheriff-to-stop-trumps-anti-immigration-policies

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