5 Minute Action for Wednesday, 2/22: Keep Pressure on Tax Returns and Conflicts

If you haven’t already, now is the time to sign the white house petition calling for Trump to release his tax returns and provide transparency to his potential conflicts of interest. The petition is making the news this week as it has reached over 1 million signatures, a record. The white house is yet to respond, so let’s keep the numbers climbing.

5 Minute Action for TODAY:

Step 1:  Sign the petition by clicking on this link and following the simple instructions.  Be sure to complete the confirmation email.  Click here – https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/immediately-release-donald-trumps-full-tax-returns-all-information-needed-verify-emoluments-clause-compliance


Thank you from the TrumpResistance.TODAY team

(and see you again tomorrow!)

For more information about the petition, click here – http://www.vocativ.com/403165/we-the-people-petition-white-house-trump-taxes/

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