5 Minute Action for Monday, 2/13: Join Big Thank You to Elizabeth Warren

Thanks to Wall-Of-Us for our 5 Minute Action TODAY.

Last week, Senator Warren was silenced by Senate Republicans who invoked a rarely-used senate rule to prevent her from reading a letter written by Dr. King’s widow criticizing Jeff Sessions.

What Senator Warren did and continues to do takes heart, and we need to give her some love this Valentine’s Day. That’s why Wall-of-Us has joined forces with grassroots organizations Solidarity Sundays, Women Watching Washington, volunteers, and award-winning actress Alysia Reiner (from “Orange is the New Black”) to hand-deliver a special Valentine’s Day card signed by all-of-us to the DC and Boston offices of Senator Warren. The card, featuring artwork by Meredith Steele, thanks Senator Warren for “speaking her heart” and inspiring all-of-us to speak ours.


Step 1:  Add your name by filling out the form on (click here:  this page) by 3:00 pm PT (6:00 pm ET) Monday, February 13 and we will include it in the printed card that will be delivered to Senator Warren the next day.

  • In addition to the giant printed card, our cupid-constituents will deliver hand-written cards prepared by members in Solidarity Sundays’ 100+ local chapters.
  • No money or ongoing subscription needed.

Step 2:  Anyone can sign this card–so share the link (click here – the link) to spread the love. Post the link on Facebook or Twitter.


Thank you from the TrumpResistance.TODAY team

(and see you again tomorrow!)

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