5 Minute Action – GET VISIBLE and #LetLizSpeak

We’re publishing early because of the significant nature of what happened tonight. This is one reason we create these 5 Minute Actions every day, just before we post them. Things are happening so rapidly, and we want to be sure to hit the most urgent issue of each day.

And so. Elizabeth Warren WAS SILENCED by the republican majority of the senate when she was reading a letter from Coretta Scott King about the concerns Coretta had about Session’s record of denying the vote to African Americans. People from both sides of the aisle must understand the implications of this on our democracy and the ability of our government to function as it was intended?

This is not a joke, see the footage at the link below.

We don’t know what else we can do but continue to call, show up, write.  Please do these things. You know how.

BUT ALSO, we need to become more visible. Where are our window signs and door signs, covering the nation? We are a majority, but you would never know. We have been speaking out, but invisibly to our neighbors and community.

The 5 Minute Action Today:

Step 1:  Make signs, and put them in your windows, doors, wherever you can.  Buy them if you like (see link below), have kids make them, just draw them on a piece of paper…anything…but find a way to get them VISIBILE!

  • ETC

Step 2:   If you use Twitter, jump on the bandwagon.

  • Search on #LetLizSpeak and join the ‘dialog’.

Thank you from the TrumpResistance.TODAY team

(and see you again tomorrow!)

To order some great signs, check out Etsy:  click here – https://www.etsy.com/market/protest_signs

Click here for video of Senator Warren’s quotation, rebuke by Mitch McConnell, and Warren’s reading of the full text of King’s original letter:  https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/powerpost/wp/2017/02/07/republicans-vote-to-rebuke-elizabeth-warren-for-impugning-sessionss-character/?utm_term=.5bbd9be1362c

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