5 Minute Action for Wednesday, 2/1 : Let’s ALL Stop Feeding The Narcissist

Most on both sides of the aisle agree we are dealing with a narcissist as president. Here is a key excerpt from an article that is a must-read in these times:

“Whenever possible, do not focus on the narcissist or give him attention. Unfortunately we can’t and shouldn’t ignore the president, but don’t circulate his tweets or laugh at him—you are enabling him and getting his word out. (I’ve done this, of course, we all have… just try to be aware.) Pay attention to your own emotions: Do you sort of enjoy his clowning? Do you enjoy the outrage? Is this kind of fun and dramatic, in a sick way? You are adding to his energy. Focus on what you can change and how you can resist, where you are. We are all called to be leaders now, in the absence of leadership.”

5 Minute Action for TODAY:

Step 1: Read the full article (it’s short) and know who we are dealing with (click here: https://qz.com/852187/coping-with-chaos-in-the-white-house/)

Step 2: If you are following Trump on Twitter, UNFOLLOW him! Make sure you unfollow both:

  • @POTUS
  • @realDonaldTrump

Step 3: Focus on what we CAN change – and contact 1 more CEO from yesterday’s 5 Minute Action! Their committee meeting is Friday. Make sure they know WE ARE WATCHING!


Thank you from the TrumpResistance.TODAY team

(and see you again tomorrow!)

For more thoughts about unfollowing ‘him’ on Twitter, click this – http://www.marketwatch.com/story/starting-inauguration-day-unfollow-realdonaldtrump-on-twitter-2017-01-20

For more helpful guidance about dealing with a narcissist/autocrat, click this – http://www.dailykos.com/story/2016/11/12/1597457/-Autocracy-Rules-for-Survival-by-Masha-Gessen

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