5 Minute Action for 1/25: Tax Returns, Conflicts of Interest and the Dakota Access Pipeline


We know this headline is a mouthful, but the issues are intertwined. Trump has had business ties to Energy Transfer Partners, the company building the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), and he has presented no evidence those don’t still exist. Add to this the conflicts of interest with everything from foreign governments to housing developers and manufacturers like Carrier – in which he has an investment interest and then gave them $7M in tax breaks – and there is clearly urgent need for action.

Following the recommendations from Wall-Of-Us and several others, here are TODAY’s 5 Minute Actions:

Step 1:  Sign the White House We-the-People petition (click on this: We-the-People) demanding that Donald Trump immediately divest or put in a blind trust all his business and financial assets. There are still about 5,000 signatures needed to require response from the White House.

Step 2:  Support Senator Warren’s request to audit Trump’s finances for conflicts of interest. Email two administrators, Katherine Siggerud and Timothy Minnelli, as well as a third email address through which they’re tracking people who are urging support for the audit. Cut and paste the following, then customize as you see fit.

To: siggerudk@gao.gov, minnellit@gao.gov, congrel@gao.gov

Subject line: Audit for President Trump’s financial concerns

Dear Ms. Siggerud and Mr. Minnelli,

I’m writing to support Senator Elizabeth Warren’s request for an audit of our incoming President Trump’s finances, to prohibit conflicts of interest that would prevent him from carrying out the responsibilities of the office without corrupt influence. His decision to move forward with the DAPL when he and Rick Perry have investment interests in the main contractor is a prime example. This is a travesty of justice.

Sincerely, (your name)

Step 3:  (optional, we’re over our 5 minute time limit!) Call the Salt Lake Tribune to let them know that you expect the Chair of the House Oversight Committee, Representative Jason Chaffetz from the 3rd congressional district in Utah, to hold Trump accountable for his conflicts of interest.

The paper has already been reporting on this issue. On January 17th, the Salt Lake Tribune reported (click on this to see the article: reported): “Utahns overwhelmingly want Rep. Jason Chaffetz, as chairman of the House Oversight Committee, to investigate President-elect Donald Trump’s potential conflicts of interests — an endeavor Chaffetz has strongly resisted.”

Salt Lake Tribune phone: (801)257-8742; option ‘1’, then ‘0’ and leave a message.  Here’s a starting point – please modify as feels right to you, especially if you have a specific connection to Utah, such as friends or family.

“I want to thank you for your coverage of Representative Chaffetz’s 180 degree turnaround with respect to holding Donald Trump accountable to resolve his conflicts of interest. I am particularly appalled considering yesterday’s executive action on the Dakota Access Pipeline and Trump’s investment interest in the firm constructing it. It is even more important now that Representative Chaffetz, as Chair of the House Oversight Committee, hold Donald Trump accountable for his conflicts of interest. Based on the your recent poll, clearly my friends and family in Utah want Rep. Chaffetz to do his job. We hope that you will continue to serve your role as our watchdogs of democracy and cover this important story.”


Thank you from the TrumpResistance.TODAY team

(and see you again tomorrow!)

To learn more about how these issues intertwine, here is a very comprehensive article from The Atlantic published yesterday, January 24th.


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